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Conchita and Martin watch all #Eurovision Song Contest 2022 competitors and comment on the songs, the singing and the looks in this fast paced, Original Series. They pick their own winner in each daily episode, and crown an overall winner in Episode 8. Watch the season trailer for free!
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OZAA ESC - Episode 3
Conchita and Martin watch the last Eurovision contestants of the first Semi-Final and pick their personal winner.

Tue 3 May at 7:00

OZAA ESC | Original Series
Conchita and Martin watch and comment on all #Eurovision entries in this entertaining original series.

Premieres 1 May

ObserverCam | Exclusive
Watch Conchita & team produce videos through our observer cam that we just place in a room so you can see the action happen. Exclusive and unseen content.

regular uploads

OZAA ESC - Episode 1
It's time to dive into OZAA ESC and watch the first performances of the first semi-final.

Sun 1 May 9:00 CET

Art Shoot: Le Grand Bleu
You've seen the 3-5min Art Shoot highlights on YouTube. Now watch the full behind-the-scenes videos we've prepared for you!

exclusive content

OZAA ESC - Episode 2
Need to go to work? OZAA is coming to you early on weekdays! Join us and warm up for Turin!

Mon 2 May at 7:00 CET

Unedited | Exclusive Series
Have a look at unedited parts of our camera rolls. You will see Conchita dance, get directed, and see how we shoot music videos. Uncommented, exclusive content.

Only on WURSTTV.com

Art Shoot: La Falena
Watch behind-the-scenes videos in extended version that are up to 3 times longer than the highlights video on YouTube.

exclusive content

Art Shoot: Eyes-N-Lips
The very first art project we've done and which was later turned into the Bodymorphia Music Video. Twice as long as the highlights version on YouTube.

exclusive content

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Conchita Wurst
Martin Zerza
Conchita Wurst
"I won the ESC in 2014, am obsessed with Eurovision, love myself a good TV show and judge everything."

artist and fashion icon

Martin Zerza
"I love the Eurovision song contest and comment on songwriting and singing… and everything else"

musician and co-host of OZAA ESC

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